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This is me and my brothers. No we are not white. We are Mexican American. We were born and raised here in America. In Texas. Half my family served in the military and as you can see my brother is active duty. My brother in the cap is about to join and I will join after I get my bachelors and after I have my baby. My little brother even want to join. It’s what we grew up knowing, it’s in our blood.

People are pissing their pants because of the miss America pageant…GROW THE FUCK UP. If Miss America has to be white in order to represent our country then shouldn’t only white people be able to join the military. I mean after all, we ARE risking OUR lives for your freedom and WE DO REPRESENT our country. Seriously, this whole thing makes me sick. If being an American means white with blond hair, then NO ONE is American. 

And if you really want to go into the details about it NO ONE is American. Native Americans would be the ONLY people allowed to represent our fine fucking country. If you don’t recall, Native Americans where already here when the pilgrims showed up and then fucking Christopher Columbus and his white shitty people showed up. After him, the Spanish showed up. [Which let me put this in, I am mixed with Spanish.] And the White folk and Spanish folk shoved the Native Americans onto reservations.

But if we go further pack to when all the continents were attached and it was one big one called Pangaea. WE ARE ALL BLACK! When they traveled and settled into different parts, they evolved to survive and after years and years of evolving, you get what we have today. So saying our president isn’t American is just bullshit as well. I mean he’s doing a better job the Bush did. And the fact that he is picking up all of Bush’s bullshit, Obama is doing a pretty fucking good job.

So to all you racist ass holes and dumb asses who want to throw a fit about Miss America, FUCK YOU! First of all, it’s a fucking beauty pageant. Beauty Pageant are the number one organization that demonizes women. The girls, and women who compete go to the extremes to win. and its all just for a scholarship. There are a million of ways to get a scholarship. And honestly, if you have the money to compete in a Beauty Pageant, then you have the money to pay for college. All the money they put into the pageant could be used for their school, but it does look good on the application.

Second, times have changed. GET OVER IT!

and Third. Save all you fucking shitty ass comments because I don’t care to hear your racist shit. thanks

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